The Mauna Lani Bay Resort and Bungalows: A Rewarding Return

Oct 1, 2012 by

My friends warned me that when our daughter left for college it would be a really hard adjustment. So, in my take charge manner, I decided that what my husband and I needed was a trip to our favorite outer island Hawaiian resort, The Mauna Lani Bay Resort and Bungalows. I worried that it would make me lonesome for our daughter, who we had spent so many fun summers with us there. Good thing Mauna Lani Kids Camp was over for the season. I figured we would get over empty nest sadness once we hit our favorite snorkeling spot at The Beach Club where there is a clubhouse and quiet beach reserved for resort residents...

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Hola Buenos Aires: A Delicious Culinary Adventure

Sep 26, 2012 by

Let’s just call it a big birthday with a “0” in it. I knew it was coming up and wanted to travel somewhere I had never been. I heard that Argentina was enjoying a tourism boom and that the once almighty dollar was still fairly strong there so my husband and I settled on Buenos Aires (abbreviated “Bs As”). I was excited to try the local Argentine food and wine. Stepping off the plane I asked my husband “….do you think they have an open pit barbecue right in the airport?” It seemed perfectly plausible to me— always thinking about food. It was very smoky and we soon learned that there were grassland fires...

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