Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf and Pumpkin Chocolate Bread Pudding: ...

Oct 26, 2012 by

Chocolate and pumpkin flavors are combined in this surprising sweet spiced quick bread. Peet’s, a California coffee shop chain that is now opening across the country, serves slices of this bread, along with steaming cups of their famous, rich coffee. When I recreated the recipe I wanted to make sure that the chocolate stood alone in the pumpkin batter. To achieve this effect, I use a skewer to streak melted chocolate through the batter.

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Autumn Noodles and Rice

Oct 10, 2012 by

I am always searching for side dishes that can accompany main courses without overpowering them. This is a recipe...

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The Mauna Lani Bay Resort and Bungalows: A Rewarding Return

Oct 1, 2012 by

My friends warned me that when our daughter left for college it would be a really hard adjustment. So, in my take...

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